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About Madya

Starting Out
Manchester and District Yoga Association was the brain child of Ken Simmons (Satya Prem).
Ken was a leading a light in the region, eventually moving on to become Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga for a period in the early 21st Century.
In December 1999, Ken called a meeting of a group of people that he new were keen on Yoga, and committed to its propagation. The meeting was held in Denton Methodist church, and perhaps twenty people attended.
Ken described his vision for an independent Yoga association that would be based in the region, and would attract nationally and internationally recognised experts in various aspects of Yoga, to present reasonably priced seminars to the people of the region.
By the end of this first meeting, the name had been established, the first committee had been voted in by those present, and it was decided that MADYA would be officially founded on 1st January 2000.

Initial Steps
The first thing was to try to establish a programme for the first year. 
The first meeting of the committee managed to organise this in short order, mostly by calling on the help of people we knew who could present seminars for us, who whilst based locally, were of the calibre we were seeking.
Ken's extended network of Yoga friends actually made this surprisingly easy.
One of our concerns was promoting these early seminars, and a great deal of effort was put into spreading the word. We were still worried that we might fail to take enough 'gate' money over the first few seminars to cover our costs. Again, Ken came to the rescue, offering to underwrite the entire venture!
As it turned out, we had little need of concern. Our first ever seminar was presented by Swami Paramatmananda, and was attended by almost sixty people...a number we have yet to better!
Since then, we have managed to maintain a steady delivery of seminars by feeling our way through the early years. Sometimes we attempted too much, and people on the committee were demotivated by the exces effort. Sometimes we attempted too little, and our membership dropped off.
By experimentation, we established our pricing structures that keep us roughly bringing in just a little more than we spend. This enables us to sometimes bring in the world-class teachers, which we can then afford to do at a financial loss, in order to keep our charges down, and keep in line with our original vision.

The MADYA Vision
MADYA is about two things.
We want to give people the opportunity to deepen their practice, and get exposure to aspects of Yoga that are not normally experienced in a class environment.
We want to keep our seminars at affordable prices, so that anyone who wishes to attend, can do so without too much financial burden.

MADYA Into the Future
MADYA is it's members and it's committee. Without members attending our seminars, we are pointless. Without a committee to organise the seminars, there is no MADYA.
Of the original committee, our current Chair, Poornamurti, is the only continuously serving member from the original eight. IN our elven years we have seen several people leave the committee due o personal commitments, one due relocation abroad, and, very sadly, we have had two dearly loved friends pass away. The committee is actually no at full strength, after several years running below the eight members stipulated in our articles of association. Finding new committee members is always difficult, but at the moment, we are fortunate to have eight committed officers.
Current membership levels, however, are at an all time low. We used to have an average membership of around 80 people, with seminar attendance running at 30-35. For the last couple of years, our membership has shrunk to les than 40, and seminar attendance can be as low as 15 or even 12 people.
The committee are working hard to try to understand why this is, but are getting no feedback from our membership. If you are a MADYA member, or have been a member in the past, and have some thoughts in this, please let us know. You can use our Contact Us page!