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Swami Pragyamurti Venue

The weekend event for Swami Pragyamurti will be held at our old venue:

Green Park Centre

The Green Park Centre
off Bakewell Avenue
Haughton Green
M34 7XR

Please see the map on the right.
You will notice that there is a small amount of parking immediately outside the venue.
However, people using the sports facilities have the priority for using this small area of parking.

We kindly request that you use one of the alternative parking areas that can be seen on the map to the North (top) of the playing fields..

The first of these is accessed via a narrow entrance off Mancunian Road, between two blocks of houses.

The second is accessed from Taunton Road, the entrance being where the road bends.

From either car park, the venue is accessed via a very short walk on well marked and paved paths that run by the sides of the sports fields.

PLEASE DO NOT under any circumstances park on Bakewell Avenue. The residents there have very limited space, and continued complaints could result in closure of the centre!

The venue has a small kitchen with facilities to make warm drinks, and to keep your lunch cool in a fridge should you wish it.

We charge 20p for tea/coffee/squash provided by MADYA, but you can bring your own and use the urn at no cost.

Please do remember to bring a light lunch.

Also, you will need to bring a yoga mat for most of our seminars - none are available at the venue, and you may also want to bring a blanket as many seminars involve a period of stillness for meditation or yoga nidra.