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MADYA is run by a small but dedicated committee.

The committee meets at least once between each seminar, for the purpose of organising the seminars.

There is a surprising amount of work involved in putting together a full year program for MADYA. Almost everyone on the committee has a full time day job, and several of the committee are also Yoga teachers, teaching classes in the evenings and weekends. Sometimes finding time to achieve everything we would like to achieve for MADYA is troublesome. If it were not that our committee are so dedicated to the cause of MADYA, it is unlikely we could host so many events each year!

Each year we have to find a set of dates that are available at our venue, and try to choose dates that don't clash with events hosted by other local and national Yoga organisations, or with public high days and holidays. Sometimes this is simply not possible, and a clash cannot be avoided.

Once we have established our dates, which we have to do at least 12 to 18 months in advance, we have to start thinking of who to invite to present! The proces of matching who we would like against their availability can be a real challenge, even with 12 months notice. Sometimes, we cannot get someone when we want them, and we have to earmark them for two years hence!

Once we have a speaker assigned to a date, we have to ask them about transport, accommodation, food requirements, equipment requirements, and not least, details of the actual seminar.

Once these details are established,  we can publish them in the regional and national Yoga publications, such as Yoga TWO, Yoga North West etc. Again, coordination of times is critical, as we have to keep a close eye on the deadlines for advertisements in these publications, so we can work out which events we need to include in which edition.

As the day approaches, we can start to book any required accommodation, produce the promotional flyer, update the website, confirm travel arrangements, including often arranging to met the speakers at Piccadilly rail station, some other convenient location. Often the speaker will be spending the night before the seminar at the home of one of the committee, so arrangements must be in place there.

All of this is achieved in five meetings throughout the ear, each lasting around two hours. Although our Secretary in particular puts in a lot of effort away from the meetings themselves.

On the day of a seminar we have to carry out inspections of the safety features of the building, clean the floors, toilets and kitchen, clear any furniture that may be hazardous, set up our sales stall and our 'door' table, ensure the speaker is settled and comfortable with all of the equipment they need, ensure we have adequate refreshments, check the toilet paper, open the window blinds and set the heating temperature...all between 9:30 when we can access the building, and 10AM when the doors open to the public.

Committee members are also always 'on call' during a seminar, and if there are any disturbances, such as people at the door, or strange noises from the plumbing, it is one or two of us who have to leave the seminar to handle the situation. It is for this reason that committee members do not pay to attend the seminars. This is the only 'perk' we get, with all of our time and effort being given voluntarily.

The following posts are held

 Chair Poornamurti (Patricia Lewis) chairman@madya.org
 Vice Chair Shraddha (Olive Eicke) 
 Secretary Barbara Braiden 
 Treasurer Sadhana (Gail Booth) 
 Webmaster Dharma (Phil Lewis) webmaster@madya.org
 Advertising Officer Carole Sharples 
 Newsletter Editor Devapriya (Karen Buckley) 
 Stall Manager Karon Mee