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June 2011 - Muz Murray

Muz has many years experience of mantra and was able to share some of this knowledge with us. It is difficult to summarise all he said in short review but what stood out for me was his explanations of the theory behind mantra and mantra practises. For Muz, mantra is the quickest way to get into mediation; quite literally a way of halting the predominance of the thinking mind and transforming the beta waves in our brains to calming alpha ones.Muz looked at how mantra sounds work on every level of our being; travelling via the nadi system and into every cell of our body. 

They can therefore have a profound effect on us (for instance, releasing physical, mental and emotional blockages, changing consciousness). The mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ for instance, uses sounds linked to all the chakras (Om, I, ya, na, ma, va, sh). Muz introduced us to the mantric alphabet intonation, as well as to a number of mantras themselves, which we were able to practice. Importantly, he showed us how to make the correct nasalised sound (and therefore vibrational effect).  I think some practice is needed before I can achieve some of the high mantra notes Muz was able to demonstrate!

During Satsang, Muz explained important yoga philosophical concepts such as Advaita. Put simply, Advaita means non-dualism and the relationship between the self and God that can be accessed when we learn to live in the present, stop identifying with ego or separateness and recognise our omnipresent nature. For Muz, mantra is a way to achieving this transformation.

Some of the views Muz expressed over the weekend were not shared by MADYA but overall he made some interesting comments, which gave us all food for thought.