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November 2011 - Swami Pragyamurti

This wonderful day began as it meant to go on. By connecting with everything around us in a loving manner. When we do this, we feel at home, secure with that and those around us. For me, this was profound. It is so essential for this period in our existence and particularly in this modern time of division. I have continued to practice Chaturdic Pranam Mudra as have other attendees I know. This practice is directly aimed at joining with all 4 corners of the earth and its inhabitants. The rest of the asana practices were reasonably simple and Sw. Pragyamurti explained the reason for this was to notice oneself and the breath. To be present.

After lunch we practiced and then discussed Yoga Nidra while also having the pleasure of discussion with Sw. Pragyamurti. We were then directed into Viloma Pranayama with a focus on the physical body, awareness of chakras, and the mantra AUM. As was the theme of this uplifting day, we finished with chanting mantra. Sw. Pragyamurti encouraged us to practice the mantras everyday; for good, the world, others, and specific people. We chanted each mantra three times. They were Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya, and Aum. If you have no mantra in your practice, why not try these? 

Sw. Pragyamurti was selling her current publication, ‘Yoga for Prisoners and Other Castaways’. The proceeds going to charity. We have a couple of copies of it on the MADYA bookstall.