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Since February 2013, MADYA is no longer be a membership based organisation.

This was moved as a motion and voted in at the 2012 AGM.

There were a couple of reasons for this, but the primary reason was that the concept of membership was effectively hurting us very badly.

All of our promotional material was sent just to our members, and once someones membership lapsed, we would no longer send that person our newsletters etc. This seemed like a good idea when we had around 150 members. However, in recent years, our membership has declined to less than 40 people.

As only 40 or so people are notified of our seminars, this means attendance has dropped dramatically, meaning that the organisation has recently been loosing significants amount of money at each event. It is also quite dispiriting for the voluntary committee to put in many hours of effort in organising seminars, to see only ten or twelve people turn up.

Now, everyone who wishes to receive our promotional material can do so by signing up for our Online Newsletters.