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Upcoming: Bones for Life with Marye Wyville

Review: Swami Krishnapremananda

Upcoming: Pranayama with Vishwamandala

Review: Steps to Meditation - Rhamba

Upcoming: Steps to Meditation - Rhamba

Review: Summer Solstice - Marilyn Heginbotham


Upcoming: Summer Solstice - Marilyn Heginbotham
Review: Be a Warrior not a Worrier - Amanda Hurst

Upcoming: Be a Warrior not a Worrier - Amanda Hurst
Review: Self Compassion and Mindfulness - Sarah Lionheart

Upcoming: Self Compassion and Mindfulness - Sarah Lionheart
Review: Kirtan Pete

Upcoming: Overcoming Obstacles with Yoga, Mantra and Yantra - Helen Turner
Review: Swami KrishnaPremananda - The Heart of Spiritual Life

Upcoming: Swami KrishnaPremananda
Review: Gita Wisdom - Joshua M. Greene

Upcoming: Marilyn Heginbotham
Review: Love and the Art of Giving - DVD

Upcoming: Marilyn Heginbotham
Review: Swami Vishwamandala
News: Poornamurti resigns as chair

April Newsletter
Upcoming: Swami Viswamandala
Review: Devi & Ross
News: MADYA struggling on...

April Newsletter
Upcoming: Devi and Ross
Review: Marilyn Vimuktananda
News: The end of the road for MADYA?

August Newsletter
Upcoming: Vimuktananda
Review: Marilyn Hegginbotham

Upcoming: Ishwara
Review: Rambha

Upcoming: Rambha
Review: Swami Vishwamandala

Upcoming: Swami Vishwamandala
Review: Swami Pragyamurti

Upcoming: Swami Pragyamurti
Review: John Stirk

Upcoming: John Stirke - A Delicate Balance
Review: Ishwara - The Science of Pranayama

Upcoming: Ishwara - The Science of Pranayama
Review: Anna Semelyen, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Upcoming: Ishwara - The Science of Pranayama
Review: Sarah Lionheart Mindfulness Weekend
Interview with our Chair!

Upcoming: Ishwara - The Science of Pranayama
Review: Swami Pragyamurti
An Appeal!

Upcoming: Swami Pragyamurti - What is Satyananda Yoga?
Review: Muz Murray
An Appeal!

Upcoming: Muz Murray
Review: The Yin and Yang of Yoga
Lost Property!