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Taking Yoga Further

The original aim of MADYA, as envisaged 


by our founder Satya Prem, was to provide a vehicle to allow people to explore aspects of yoga that they may encounter only briefly, or not at all, within a normal class setting.

To many people in the West, and increasingly in the East, yoga is simply a form of exercise. A very effective form, no doubt, with remarkable health benefits. Anyone who has practiced the physical yoga postures for more than a few weeks will no doubt feel the benefits. And a lifetime of yoga exercise, brings a lifetime of benefits.

But yoga is so much more than a means of enhancing ones physical form.

In its fullest sense, yoga is an exploration into what it means to be truly and fully human.

Yoga provides us with tools that allow us to investigate our selves in a deep and profound manner. These tools allow us to assess our our reactions to what happens around us, to see how we operate within or environment. It alos gives us the tools to allow us to
respond differently to these stimuli, should we choose, or feel the need, to do so.

Yoga also gives us the means to delve even deeper. Yoga provides a framework to allow us to ponder the really big questions: Why am I here; What is my purpose; Why is there anything?

The tools that yoga provides are many and diverse. In these pages, we will explore just a few, and not in any great depth. But the hope MADYA is that we can help to fulfill the vision of the Association: to allow people to Take Yoga Further.